June 11, 2015

Complete Savage Garden catalogue available through Universal Music Australia

A few weeks ago, Universal Music Australia (UMA) announced that they have reached agreement for the distribution and marketing of the Savage Garden catalogue of recordings. At the time, George Ash, President Universal Music Asia Pacific, said "The incredible songs created by Savage Garden over such a small period is the envy of any artist – in any era. The fact these songs connected with such a massive audience across the world and remain so beloved almost 20 years later is proof of their enduring strength and their timeless appeal. We are very excited to be working with Darren and Daniel to bring these songs to new audiences and new generations in new ways for a new era – it’s a true privilege for us all”. 

So from today a new compilation album – Savage Garden: The Singles – is on sale in stores and online for people around the world who want to own the CD/DVD set and via download for fans in Australia and New Zealand. Savage Garden’s two beloved, multi-platinum selling albums Savage Garden and Affirmation are similarly available in Deluxe Editions with bonus discs including previously unavailable live performances and rare remixes of key songs.

When the master recordings were being transferred to UMA, a previously unreleased demo of a 1994 song called She was uncovered among some multi-track cassette based recordings. As a special treat for their fans and friends SHE (1994 Demo) is the final song on Savage Garden: The Singles as a bonus track. The recording features Daniel on piano and Darren’s signature, passionate vocals.  

Darren Hayes said, “It’s a long time ago, but my recollection is I was writing about the relationship that I have, and continue to have, with the women in my life.  From my Sister to my Mother and all the friends and the wonderful female relationships in my life.  I know I’m indebted to these incredibly strong women who loved me and taught me what it was like to be strong and succeed in a world where you sometimes feel underestimated.

Daniel Jones added, “From memory I think we just sat down and literally wrote it together in my parents’ house in Brisbane.  I remember my mother really liked the track - the innocence and raw beauty of it. It’s very pro-female song so I think a lot of girls will relate to how powerful it is for them. I think that was probably the biggest reason why my Mum really took to this particular song”.

Savage Garden: The Singles features all the band’s singles and includes a bonus DVD of Australian and international videos. Here is the full album tracklisting:

Savage Garden: The Singles


I Want You
To The Moon and Back
Truly Madly Deeply
Break Me Shake Me
All Around Me
Santa Monica
Tears of Pearls
The Animal Song
I Knew I Loved You
Crash and Burn
Chained to You
Hold Me
The Best Thing
She (1994 Demo)



I Want You (Australian version)
I Want You (International version)
To The Moon & Back (Australian version)
To The Moon & Back (International version)
Truly Madly Deeply (Australian version)
Truly Madly Deeply (International version)
Break Me Shake Me (Australian version)
Break Me Shake Me (International version)
Universe (International version)
Santa Monica (International version)
Tears of Pearls (International version)
The Animal Song (International version)
I Knew I Loved You (International version)
Crash and Burn (International version)
Affirmation (International version)
Chained to You (International version)
Hold Me (International version)